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It is Yoga time again. Our next 6-week Yoga for Girls and Boys class starts April 1 at a new time, 5pm. Sign up here!

Many of you may have questions about the recent measles outbreak that began in California. Please review this link to an informative page from the American Academy of Pediatrics for insight into this issue.

To date, there have been no reported cases of measles in Massachusetts. As a reminder, current guidelines for measles vaccination are: one dose of MMR at 12 months, with a second dose at 4 years. If traveling outside the US, children 6-11 months should receive one dose of MMR and children 12 months or older should receive 2 doses of MMR separated by at least 28 days. More info on measles can be found at the CDC website.

Dr. Gine-Nokes is on Sabbaticcal from January through July of this year. click here for details.

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Teaming Up With
Art Students

Lexington Pediatrics has teamed up with students from the Lexington Public Schools in a joint community program to exhibit the artwork of students here in the practice.

Displayed in the main hallway of the Lexington Medical Center at 19 Muzzey Street, an array of works from students are framed and hung and serve to welcome each visitor to the building. Examples of their art can be viewed in the photos above.

Building upon a similar program which displays artwork in the Cary Library, officials from the fine arts department coordinate with the practice to produce high-end digital printouts of the original works for a seamless transition from the canvas in the classroom to the frame.

The artwork is rotated periodically through the calendar year so that many pieces can be displayed and viewed.

Welcome to the Lexington Pediatrics website. We hope you will find our site easy to navigate, informative, and helpful in keeping your family healthy.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, thorough, up-to-date pediatric care for all of our families.

For over 40 years we have been caring for patients from birth through the early 20's.

We look forward to working with you!

We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us at Lexington Pediatrics if you have specific questions about your child's health.

In this section you will find articles of interest about your health, and useful links to some of the excellent online health resources for you and your family.